Bruce offers a unique repair experience that upholds Horn Forensics' mission to share experiences and knowledge and to make the horn easier to play. Repairs and adjustments are a collaborative process that you as an owner will be an integral part of. If you are local, Bruce will invite you into his repair shop and explain his process to you. He may even invite you to assist with certain aspects of the repair if you are interested.

Bruce Roberts is a horn designer and builder in California's Bay Area.


Several years ago, I bought a 1920’s-era Geyer that sounded great but had had some shoddy repair work done that caused the F and Bb sides of the horn to be out of tune with each other.  Bruce shortened the F side, made some new slide tubes and repaired a few braces. That Geyer is now the best horn I own and is the instrument I use regularly in the San Francisco Symphony. He has worked on several of my other horns as well. I trust Bruce to do any repair work needed on my instruments. His new horn designs also look very promising!


Jonathan Ring, San Francisco Symphony


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